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Quality Care at Home

Make sure your loved ones receive the best possible care. Preferred Medical LLC provides everything you need to deliver excellent care at home, including:

• Wheelchairs
• Walkers & Walking Aids
• Transport Chairs
• Portable Oxygen Concentrators
• Bathroom Safety Products
• Incontinence Supplies

• Adults Diapers & Briefs
• Lift Chairs
• Canes
• Ramps
• Power Scooters
• Cushions
• Urology Supplies & Catheters

Comfortable, Convenient Adult Diapers
Say goodbye to the embarrassment of incontinence. Our adult diapers and briefs are comfortable, dependable, and convenient.

Oxygen Machine

Rent or Buy
High-quality medical equipment doesn't have to be expensive. You can rent our hospital beds, scooters, and mobility equipment on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis from Preferred Medical LLC. We also offer retail sales and we bill directly to your insurance company for your convenience.

Top Brands
Choose from the nation's most popular brands. We carry the latest products from the industry's most most trusted manufacturers, including:

• McKesson™
• Golden Technologies™
• Nova™
• Depends™

• Prevail™
• Attends™
• Inogen™
• Everest & Jennings™

• Lumex™
• Drive™
• EZ-Access™
• Invacare™
• Medline ™